Dried Shellfish

Crustaceans and shellfish are a rich source of protein and supply the most valuable nutrients nature has to offer. Carotenoids, which are also included, enhance your pets’ colour. Dried Shellfish is a high-quality pet food that gives your pets and domesticated animals the important ingredients that they need. Our wide-ranging experience as a shellfish wholesaler means we know what our customers expect from our range – this is why we use natural raw materials and promise exceptional product quality

The benefits at a glance

Exceptional product quality

Natural source of protein

Feed rich in nutrients

Comprising natural raw materials

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Feed with particular nutritional value

Dried Shellfish is a natural way to provide animal organisms with antitoxins and cell regenerating active agents. The gentle freeze-dried process retains approximately 80 per cent of the original chitin and protein content in the treated products.

Our range includes Dried Prawns, Shrimp, Dried Crabs, Dried Gammarus, different types of Mussels and Crayfish, as well as Dried Snails.

Dried Gammarus and Dried Snails

Our Dried Gammarus has the highest product quality. They are sourced directly from Siberia, where they are fished, refined and sieved from natural lakes. Our Wholesale Dried Snails are the perfect way to feed tortoises and fish. Tortoises benefit from the high percentage of calcium, the exceptional source of protein and high nutrient content of the Dried Snails.

Dried Shellfish is available wholesale and can also be fed to koi carp, reptiles and even birds. These valuable sources of protein and chitin complete the menu in a natural and healthy way – this is because the seafood that makes up our Dried Shellfish are sourced from uncontaminated waters and are caught in an eco-friendly way.

Any questions?

It doesn’t matter to us as a wholesaler of Dried Shelfish if you’re a feed producer or a major player in the pet food industry – we’re here to help you chose a partner and will support you in finding the right products to meet your needs. Have some questions about Dried Shellfish or want to find out more about our pet food? Then feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to your call.


Are you interested?

We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you
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