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Wholesale of pet food

As a wholesaler in the animal feed sector, we rely on natural raw materials, a gentle manufacturing process and a high degree of customer orientation. In our portfolio you will find ornamental fish food, pond fish food, koi food, rodent food, horse food, reptile food, bird food, dog food and much more.

Tierfutter Großhandel Kessler

Pets world

Health and vitality of pets is our obligation and demand at the same time. The basis of our natural products are raw materials of high quality that guarantee a natural and species-appropriate diet for all types of animals.

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Tierfutter Produkte

Our products

Our goal is to meet the demand of our customers as much as our own. To do so, we carry out multiple self-inspections of the quality of natural raw materials, but also treat nature properly. Our special dried natural raw materials are obtained from all over the world and processed in our local factory with product-specific steps.

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Kessler Großhandel Heimtiernahrung

Our Family Business

Over the course of our 20-year old history of our company, we have created a range of goods that contain nature as a basis. Our family-based company exclusively uses natural raw materials, with certainty of origin. This is the basis of our quality. Our first employee Alfred, a fork-lift driver, reflects our company history and also represents our family values like reliability, continuity and flexibility. Nowadays, well-known national and international customers rely on our quality at fair prices.

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Tierfutter Private Label

Private Label

We give our customers the chance to exclusively compile food from numerous natural raw materials and products. Additionally, we have a selection of various packaging to package their selected wants and needs collected as a “Private Label”. We provide everything under one roof, from the initial idea until the processed product.

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Tierfutter Produktveredelung


Today, the processing of raw materials is an important part of species-appropriate feeding with high-quality products from natural environment. Our natural raw materials are refined through numerous processes under full examination and permanent quality control.

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We answer your questions

Besides our ready-made mixtures, we offer our customers the option of putting together their own feedingstuff mixtures from a variety of natural raw materials according to their needs. Individual feed mixtures can also be packaged as private labels. We have many ready-made mixtures (e.g. BARF mixture) in stock for immediate delivery. If you have any questions about our pet food, we will be happy to answer them personally.

We offer valuable natural raw materials sourced straight from their origins. Our aim is to provide high-quality products made from natural ingredients and use them in our healthy animal feed.

Our range includes a variety of different products. Our animal feed assortment consists of insects, fish, crustaceans, flakes, tablets, sticks, extrudates, granulates, vegetables, algae, herbs, blossoms, leaves, fruits, berries, ready mixtures, pellets, grains and seeds. Please contact us if you cannot find the product you are looking for.

We offer pet food for fish, rodents, reptiles, birds and dogs. Our focus is on natural feedingstuff, high product quality and additive-free feedingstuff. If you need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you personally.

We deliver to customers all over the world. Small packs are delivered by parcel post. We offer pallet shipping for larger orders by general cargo as well as partial and full loads.

We are committed to personal customer care. That is the key to feeding animals in a species-appropriate way. You can reach us by telephone, e-mail or via the contact form. We have more than 20 years of expertise and experience in the field of species-appropriate and high-quality animal feed at your disposal!