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Sensitive Powder

Sensitive Powder

Item number: 20058

Haken100% natural pet food
HakenExcellent product quality
HakenSuitable for dogs

That distinguishes our Sensitive Powder

Sensitive Powder is a complementary feed for dogs. It is grain-free and can contribute to a balanced raw food diet. In combination with Barfers Mineral, it can provide a good basis for a healthy BARF diet.


Sunchoke, ground carrots, beetroot, linseed, black cumin seed, malt germ, brewer’s yeast, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle herb, dandelion herb, dandelion root


  • Size : beige
  • Colour :
  • Packaging : on request


  • Packaging

Can be used for the following species

  • Dog

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