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Spruce bud

Spruce bud

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Haken100% natural pet food
HakenUnique product quality
HakenSuitable for horses

That distinguishes our Spruce bud

Spruce bud

Sustainability and health are in the foreground when it comes to animal feed. A varied and healthy diet is also the best guarantee for performance and a long life for horses. Spruce shoots are an important part of a natural feed mix.

Feed naturally, heal naturally

Horses, like us humans, also have a strong immune system that protects them against colds, for example. But even the healthiest horse can get sick at some point. Diseases of the lungs or the respiratory tract must be combated in good time and preferably in the most natural way possible. This can be done with the right supplementary feed.

Use natural healing powers

Spruce shoots are tasty animal feed that can stimulate blood circulation. In addition, the sprouts are said to have an expectorant and slightly disinfectant effect. Thanks to their gentle action, they promote a natural and gentle healing process. In this way horses can stay or become healthy in a natural way.

Guaranteed high quality

Our sprouts are obtained from the best trees and are carefully processed. First-class starting products and our long experience in feed guarantee the best quality for horses.


100% spruce buds


  • Size :
  • Colour : brownish
  • Packaging : 10kg/bag


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Can be used for the following species

  • Horse

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