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FD Green Lipped Mussel Powder degreased

FD Green Lipped Mussel Powder degreased

Item number: 20045

Haken100% natural pet food
HakenHigh quality product
HakenSuitable for dogs, reptiles and tropical fish

That distinguishes our FD Green Lipped Mussel Powder degreased

Green-lipped mussel meal

Our green-lipped mussel meal is 100% pure New Zealand green-lipped mussel meal (Perna canaliculus) from mussels that are harvested in the Marlborough Sound of New Zealand. After harvesting, the mussel meat is removed using a centrifuge, freeze-dried and finally partially defatted. This revolutionary stabilization process was patented in New Zealand. The vitamins and amino acids are retained in their natural state. It is an ideal feed for dogs, reptiles and ornamental fish.

Green-lipped mussel meal as a natural animal feed

Our green-lipped mussel meal is a completely natural feed without the addition of coloring or preservatives. When feeding animals, care should be taken to ensure that the animal feed is natural and appropriate to the species in order to ensure an optimal supply.

Positive effect

A healthy diet can have positive effects on animal health in the long run. The vitamins and minerals it contains can support the animals’ health in many ways. Green-lipped mussel meal, for example, is said to have a healing and protective effect on joint problems. In addition, the green-lipped mussel meal can support the skeletal development as well as the ligaments and tendons of the animals.

High product quality

As a wholesaler for pet food, the quality of our natural raw materials comes first. Our quality management starts at the origin. The raw materials are carefully checked at the supplier. The feed is then checked again for our quality characteristics when it arrives at our company. In this way we guarantee that our customers always receive high-quality feed.


100% green lipped mussel powder (FD)


  • Size :
  • Colour : beige
  • Packaging : 20kg/bag


  • Homogenization
  • Mixture
  • Packaging

Can be used for the following species

  • Dog , Fish , Reptile

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