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Cichlid Sticks

Cichlid Sticks

Item number: 50004

Haken100% natural pet food
HakenHigh quality product
HakenSuitable for tropical fish

That distinguishes our Cichlid Sticks

Cichlid sticks

Cichlid sticks are a staple food for large cichlids and cold-water fish. The floating extrudate is made from carefully selected raw materials.

Cichlid sticks as an excellent feed

Our cichlid sticks are an excellent feed that provides the fish with optimal feeding conditions. After all, a healthy diet can strengthen the fish’s overall health and increase resistance to infectious diseases.

Positive effects

Balanced and species-appropriate pet food is the basic building block for a healthy diet. This is especially true with ornamental fish. This fish feed can provide the fish with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All of which can help to promote well-being, the natural splendor of colors and the growth of the fish.

High product quality

As a wholesaler for animal feed and pet food, we attach great importance to the quality and careful processing of our products. Our feed is constantly checked by us in order to keep the quality of our pet food at the same high level.


Wheat, soybean meal, fish meal, greaves, wheat meal, meat meal, gammarus, grass meal, seaweed


  • Size :
  • Colour : reddish
  • Packaging : 10kg/bag


  • Homogenization
  • Mixture
  • Packaging

Can be used for the following species

  • Fish

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