Mantis Shrimps

Mantis Shrimps

Item number: 10047

Haken100% natural pet food
HakenHigh quality product
HakenSuitable for koi, reptiles, pond fish, birds and rodents

That distinguishes our Mantis Shrimps

Mantis shrimps

Mantis shrimp are a great treat for reptiles (water turtles) and pond fish (koi, goldfish, cichlids, catfish). This natural animal feed can be combined with various pond sticks and flakes (pond flakes, ornamental fish flakes) to create a balanced diet.

Mantis shrimp as natural feed

Our mantis shrimp are completely natural and can function as a species-appropriate supplement to daily pet food. In our refinement processes, we make sure that the most important nutrients are preserved.

Positive effects

Protein-containing animal feed is important for animal health. The mantis shrimp can provide animals with the necessary proteins and thus help protect the immune system, and help to strengthen muscles.

High product quality

When selecting our individual raw materials, we pay close attention to excellent quality, and to the careful processing of those materials. In our extensive range of natural raw materials, we offer various feeds for different animal species. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable animal feed.


100% mantis shrimps


  • Size : 1-2cm
  • Colour : yellowish/reddish/brown
  • Packaging : 18kg/carton


  • Grinding
  • Homogenization
  • Mixture
  • Packaging

Can be used for the following species

  • Bird , Koi , Pond Fish , Reptile , Rodent

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